Wednesday, April 11, 2007


So I got my new pink Dittos today. Dittos is an awesome brand from the 70's that are really high-waisted and make your butt look really good. Thank goodness, since I hear that Jordache is suing Daniella Clarke from Frankie B over the trademark and it might be hard to get them! I love them! I will be on the lookout for the green ones now. I was a little behind in getting over to Bendel's with all this wedding debt I've got. Supposedly Intermix is carrying them as well but I didn't see any as of Saturday. And I just read about this lawsuit thing. I also bought one of the new cream shadow duos from Nars-Pink Panther which I do not need! It is gorgeous and I do love their cream shadows. But basically I bought it because I was totally bombarded at the front of Bendel's cause they're doing this Nars photography exhibit and all the Nars makeup people are up front not letting you leave the store without a 'touch-up'. The photog exhibit is amazing though. Take a swing by just to look at the windows. I adore Francois Nars and own at least half the line. But this is one of the main reasons I do not like Henri Bendel's. I loathe the way every counter tries to stop you to put makeup on. It's annoying. I have on my ipod for a reason. It means do not disturb...

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Yeah, so it's been a while. Sorry, I was busy getting married. How many people can do that in such style with like 3 months notice. And by the way, I totally nailed the Seems Like Old Times/Victorian look. Word.