Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Shoes

Oh, did I mention I was getting hitched? Just a little city hall situation in March. But that doesn't mean I can't have some new shoes. Shoes that make me weep shoes. Chloe shoes. And I got 'em half price. Guess I have to find a dress now. I'm thinking Foley Corinna, Jovovich-Hawke, Mayle, maybe. Something to that effect. Something a little vintage with a slightly victorian feel. So I'm going into major shop mode until I find the perfect piece. I'll be keeping you updated.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Rash Update

So the bumps on my forehead have not budged! Luckily they are not visible to the untrained eye so it's not life shattering. But I do notice I have the same bumps on my upper back so I'm thinking it must be something I'm using in my hair. So I'm discontinuing the Kerastase for a while. It's driving me nuts. So I'm going back to good ol' Aveda. Sap Moss Shampoo and Deep Revitalizing Conditioner.

Good Going Stranger

Monday, December 18, 2006


My Favorite Sunglasses:
Tom Ford
Michael Kors

Friday, December 08, 2006

Remember This?

Esprit Alphabet

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rash Alert

So I broke out in bumps all over my forehead. I had to discontinue my Dr. Hauschka regime immediately. I'm not sure what it is yet but apparently I'm allergic to something. I'm back on Purpose soap and Kiehl's Ultra Moisturizer until this whole thing blows over. I'm totally bummed out. I love that stuff. I might try to introduce each product back slowly to see which one is the culprit. I know it's not the rose cream because I've been using that for a long time but I'm still taking a break from it for now.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Naked Heroes

I caught my friends The Naked Heroes play last night at the Delancey. Pure freakin' entertainment. Miss Merica on drums and George on vocals and guitar putting out a wall of rock and hair. I'm completely dazzled by both of them. I can't keep my eyes off Merica's hair the whole time. She's got the best hair in the business; rivaling Robert Plant, Cherie Currie, Rod Stewart and dare I say it- Jennifer Herrima. All big and red and curly. And George is hysterical with the between song banter and taking his shirt off rolling around on the floor. I'm only sorry I forgot the cam last night so unfortunately no pics.

Monday, November 27, 2006


These pictures are taken from Teenage by Joseph Szabo. Infinitely Inspiring

Friday, November 24, 2006

Total Culture Day

Went to Brooklyn Museum to check out the Annie Leibovitz and Ron Mueck exhibits. Ron Hueck does these crazy huge scale and tiny small scale humans that look totally real and creepy. My bf got all mad at me because I didn't see Keri Russell. He was giving me the hurry up tap and not the look but don't act like you're looking celebrity tap and eyebrow twitch. I finally did get a glimpse of her. She's really pretty but I would prefer she not straighten those pretty curls of hers. It is her trademark and she has a responsibility to her fans. Don't forget the Season 2 backlash, Felicity.
Ate at Juniors in Brooklyn for the first time. I've been in there for cheesecake but never sat down and ate a meal. It was really great. There was a bathroom attendant and everything. And she was blasting some hip hop in there too. We split the chocolate mousse cheesecake for dessert. Delish. Came home for a little while to rest. Went to H.L. Pro for a mani. My lady Kelly was off for the night, but Steven did a great job. They let me sit in a massage pedi chair while I waited. I did the Nars Mash this week, my favorite new color-a golden green.
Ran home and immediately left for the city. Went to a screening of John Waters' The Filthy World. Hilarious. He was there doing a q&a afterward. Then we saw Michael Musto on the street afterward. Browsed around the Strand before picking up the new I.D. and coming home.
A Perfect New York Day.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Dr. Hauschka

So I've switched my whole cleansing regime over to Dr. Hauschka products. I bought cleansing cream which is more of a scrub, cleansing milk which smells heavenly and leaves my skin feeling like velvet. I also got the steaming facial bath and a clay mask, which you do once a week. I'm really pleased with all the products. I already use the rose day cream, already a cult product. I've even commited to their philosophy of no night creams. You just spray a little of the facial toner on at night. I read once that Catherine Deneuve also follows this practice of no night cream. If it's good enough for belle de jour! It allows your skin to do it's own renewal, as it's not confused anymore. I was really apprehensive at first thinking my skin would crinkle up like a crocodile, but with the loving care of my new products it adjusted right away.

Friday, November 17, 2006


My boyfriend and I went to check out the new Uniqlo store in Soho. Finola Hughes was shopping there. She looked great. Maybe she was doing some source work for her show How Do I Look?. I bought a black jersey dress. It is a kimona/stingray kind of thing. Pretty hot for $39.99. I received my Nars polish in the mail, 4 "vintage" colors they don't make anymore. Platoon, Mash, Full Metal Jacket, and Midnight Express. I'm not too happy with the Platoon color-the yellowish one, which I'm not surprised. It was not my first choice but I'm delighted with the rest of the colors. I'm going to do Full Metal at my mani today. Picked up my sweater at Bloomingdales yesterday. Brought my man David a pastry from Dean & Deluca for his birthday. Got a great little party bag from Teen Vogue containing a Marc t-shirt and tote bag. Yeah! Everybody loves a tote. The t-shirt is tiny. I'll probably send it to my neice in Louisiana who probably doesn't even know who Marc is but all the little rich girls at her high school(my old alma mater) will. It also contained some Trish McEvoy lipstick and lipliner in a kinda nude range. And a Teen Vogue bandanna. Also had to pick up my Chanel eye cream which is amazing. It's the Chanel Rectifiance retexturizing one. I cannot live without it now.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Whipple's World

It's been 7 weeks since I got my eyebrows waxed. Needless to say, they're getting a tad out of hand. Going to see Luda today at Anastacia Brow Studio at Sephora 5th Ave. She's the only one I trust for these babies.
I took my fringe bag in for repairs yesterday at my repair shop on 9th st. and 1st ave. A.K. Shoe Repair. He can fix anything. I'm working kind of an Eileen Wuornos look for Fall(sans all the john killing). Sort of a grown up version of my perennial troubled teen look, if you will. Eileen probably didn't carry a purse around seeing as she was kind of a drifter but if she were a litttle more settled down she would definitely be carrying a black fringe bag with a turquoise suede inset rose. It's perfect with my Guess midriff denim jacket. I hope it doesn't get too cold to wear that dynamic duo before I get my purse back from repairs.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hair Mask

My hair is finally starting to recover from my tri-monthly bleaching. It takes at least two weeks for it to settle down and not feel like straw. Fortunately I was blessed with pretty tough resilient hair. It helps that I never blowdry it. And I'm doing a Kerastase hair mask as we speak. I picked up some Kerastase in Paris last month because it's a little cheaper there. I also use tons of Kiehl's Silk Groom and Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil. The combination of the two smell heavenly. I want to try the Dr. Hauschka Neem Hair Oil next. Hair products are another vice. At last count I have 32 hair products. That's not including shampoo and conditioner. Is that normal?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

12 Hour Eyeliner

I'm not going to say much here. I worked a 10 hour grueling shift today. But I will say this. My new Stila bronze eyeliner didn't budge! My perfect cat eye look stayed put all day. And I'm going to have to give the Yves lip balm a 9 as well. I don't usually like many new lip glosses but I think I'm going to have to give this one my endorsement. It didn't dry out my lips, it stayed on, and absolutely no bleeding.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rainy Day

I ventured out in the rain today to buy some essentials. Of course, I spent way more than I was budgeting for but I got some kickass new gear. I always have a great shopping day when it is raining. No amateurs. Even H&M was empty today, the quiet before the storm. Victor and Rolf tomorrow. I'm not going this time. I did Karl. I did Stella. Enough. I'm not going to participate in that bloodbath.
Makeup bought today:
Sephora Soho
1.Fracas roll on perfume
Everybody is doing roll-ons now. I love them! And I've been dying to try Fracas. The roll-ons are generally cheaper so it's a
good way to try new things.
2.Stila smudge pot Bronze
3.Urban Decay lip envy Envious
I love Greedy. This one is much softer for everyday.
4.Laura Mercier secret brightnening powder #2
Bloomingdale's Soho
1.Yves Saint Laurent tinted lip balm #4
Amazing. Smells and tastes like mangoes. I thought it was grapefruit but the adorable sales woman told me it was mango
and I was like yeah.
2.Laura Mercier mineral eye powder Eclipse
Black base with glitter-lots of glitter. Amazing! I know I'm going to love this one.
Also bought at Bloomingdale's. Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater I've had my eye on. Very Eighties Esprit. Deep teal blue with a cowl neck and cotton pinstripe inset in back. Half sweater with short huge sleeves. I did presale for the first time. Which means I have to go back and pick it up. My man David gave me a Friends and Family discount. Someone just made my cupcake list!