Friday, November 24, 2006

Total Culture Day

Went to Brooklyn Museum to check out the Annie Leibovitz and Ron Mueck exhibits. Ron Hueck does these crazy huge scale and tiny small scale humans that look totally real and creepy. My bf got all mad at me because I didn't see Keri Russell. He was giving me the hurry up tap and not the look but don't act like you're looking celebrity tap and eyebrow twitch. I finally did get a glimpse of her. She's really pretty but I would prefer she not straighten those pretty curls of hers. It is her trademark and she has a responsibility to her fans. Don't forget the Season 2 backlash, Felicity.
Ate at Juniors in Brooklyn for the first time. I've been in there for cheesecake but never sat down and ate a meal. It was really great. There was a bathroom attendant and everything. And she was blasting some hip hop in there too. We split the chocolate mousse cheesecake for dessert. Delish. Came home for a little while to rest. Went to H.L. Pro for a mani. My lady Kelly was off for the night, but Steven did a great job. They let me sit in a massage pedi chair while I waited. I did the Nars Mash this week, my favorite new color-a golden green.
Ran home and immediately left for the city. Went to a screening of John Waters' The Filthy World. Hilarious. He was there doing a q&a afterward. Then we saw Michael Musto on the street afterward. Browsed around the Strand before picking up the new I.D. and coming home.
A Perfect New York Day.

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