Friday, November 17, 2006


My boyfriend and I went to check out the new Uniqlo store in Soho. Finola Hughes was shopping there. She looked great. Maybe she was doing some source work for her show How Do I Look?. I bought a black jersey dress. It is a kimona/stingray kind of thing. Pretty hot for $39.99. I received my Nars polish in the mail, 4 "vintage" colors they don't make anymore. Platoon, Mash, Full Metal Jacket, and Midnight Express. I'm not too happy with the Platoon color-the yellowish one, which I'm not surprised. It was not my first choice but I'm delighted with the rest of the colors. I'm going to do Full Metal at my mani today. Picked up my sweater at Bloomingdales yesterday. Brought my man David a pastry from Dean & Deluca for his birthday. Got a great little party bag from Teen Vogue containing a Marc t-shirt and tote bag. Yeah! Everybody loves a tote. The t-shirt is tiny. I'll probably send it to my neice in Louisiana who probably doesn't even know who Marc is but all the little rich girls at her high school(my old alma mater) will. It also contained some Trish McEvoy lipstick and lipliner in a kinda nude range. And a Teen Vogue bandanna. Also had to pick up my Chanel eye cream which is amazing. It's the Chanel Rectifiance retexturizing one. I cannot live without it now.

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