Monday, November 20, 2006

Dr. Hauschka

So I've switched my whole cleansing regime over to Dr. Hauschka products. I bought cleansing cream which is more of a scrub, cleansing milk which smells heavenly and leaves my skin feeling like velvet. I also got the steaming facial bath and a clay mask, which you do once a week. I'm really pleased with all the products. I already use the rose day cream, already a cult product. I've even commited to their philosophy of no night creams. You just spray a little of the facial toner on at night. I read once that Catherine Deneuve also follows this practice of no night cream. If it's good enough for belle de jour! It allows your skin to do it's own renewal, as it's not confused anymore. I was really apprehensive at first thinking my skin would crinkle up like a crocodile, but with the loving care of my new products it adjusted right away.

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