Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rainy Day

I ventured out in the rain today to buy some essentials. Of course, I spent way more than I was budgeting for but I got some kickass new gear. I always have a great shopping day when it is raining. No amateurs. Even H&M was empty today, the quiet before the storm. Victor and Rolf tomorrow. I'm not going this time. I did Karl. I did Stella. Enough. I'm not going to participate in that bloodbath.
Makeup bought today:
Sephora Soho
1.Fracas roll on perfume
Everybody is doing roll-ons now. I love them! And I've been dying to try Fracas. The roll-ons are generally cheaper so it's a
good way to try new things.
2.Stila smudge pot Bronze
3.Urban Decay lip envy Envious
I love Greedy. This one is much softer for everyday.
4.Laura Mercier secret brightnening powder #2
Bloomingdale's Soho
1.Yves Saint Laurent tinted lip balm #4
Amazing. Smells and tastes like mangoes. I thought it was grapefruit but the adorable sales woman told me it was mango
and I was like yeah.
2.Laura Mercier mineral eye powder Eclipse
Black base with glitter-lots of glitter. Amazing! I know I'm going to love this one.
Also bought at Bloomingdale's. Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater I've had my eye on. Very Eighties Esprit. Deep teal blue with a cowl neck and cotton pinstripe inset in back. Half sweater with short huge sleeves. I did presale for the first time. Which means I have to go back and pick it up. My man David gave me a Friends and Family discount. Someone just made my cupcake list!


Anonymous said...

Where'd you get the name Foxilla?

Anonymous said...

I mean Foxzilla.

foxzilla said...

I just made it up cause I had to come up with a name.