Thursday, May 10, 2007

Topshop Madness

So you know I had to get in on the Kate Moss Madness! I had all but decided not to go. The lines would be crazy, I wouldn't be able to get the pansy print dress etc. etc. But of course I decided I had to do it at about 3am which left me about 4 hours to sleep. I went to Barney's on Tuesday as well with the naive assumption I may get into see her. But of course it was a private party and she wasn't going to be there for another 3 hours. And I'm just not that desperate. So I got there at about 9:30 and the line wasn't too bad. I was just going for fun anyway so I wasn't really concerned. The one dress I wanted was what everyone wanted so I wasn't going to get my hopes up. The line finally started to trickle in. I met some girls on line-the one looking like she's praying for Kate is Susie. The blond next to her in the pic with her back to us remains nameless but is a saint. When we got in she grabbed 2 of the dresses I wanted but handed me my size when she saw me crestfallen. Big ups again. Now I say 'my size'. There was so much confusion on the sizes because of the british sizing. And they only had like sizes 8-12 which translates into 4-8. So my size '12' dress is like an 8. Needless to say I walked around Barney's plotting my ebay strategy. But when I got home it miraculously fits. Barely, but it fits! The sleeves are way tight but I can work with it. I also picked up a tshirt with the sequin sleeves and a black vest. $270 american. Nothing else was really worth getting.
Good news ladies, I overheard the owner of Topshop say it will be here in a couple of months, he's been looking at locations. That's him in the picture.

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