Sunday, September 02, 2007

Tokyo, Japan Part 1

So I've been in Tokyo for the past week. As soon as we got there we met up with some friends Ann and Stradton who are teaching in a little town about 4 hours out of Japan. They have been there about 2 months and were able to show us some new things to do. We ate at a Korean place where you cook your own meat. They also showed us how to eat at a place where you order everything at a machine outside and give the tickets to the people inside and they give you the food. This was a good, cheap and easy way to eat. We stayed in two different hotels, first off the B Roppongi in the Roppongi district which is kinda the sleazy part but still very clean and safe. Which is weird because the first night we were there we ran into Curtis Sliwa founder of Guardian Angels with some of his Japanese counterparts. He said Roppongi can get a little rough on the weekends.

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