Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rusty Dennis(Cher, pt. 2)

Well, I said I didn't really have to say much about this, that the pics could speak for themselves. But I have more to say! First of all, I usually get a rush when the weather starts to give a little and I start thinking about my spring/summer wardrobe. First and foremost I'm a southern girl so I relate more to sandal weather. Usually I get inspiration for the upcoming season from a mishmash of things. This season it's all about Rusty Dennis. My soundtrack for summer will be the 'Rusty Dennis' playlist on my ipod- lots of Grateful Dead and Steely Dan's 'Do it Again'. I'm wearing the devil out of my denim jacket-my classic Guess one. And simple gold hoops. I don't even think she wore denim jackets or gold hoops but it's just an inspiration you know?

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