Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Memory Lane

So I just took a trip home to Louisiana. As usual, I dug through all my old junk. All the fun things I don't have room for in my tiny New York apartment. I came across some really good stuff! First, my old Guess jeans which are probably circa '84-'85. The pair with the triangular pockets were my first pair. I remember pretty much growing out of these as soon as I got them. The really cool ones with the fold down pockets belonged to a friend of my sister's and never really fit me. I just wore them with a long shirt. The zippers are broken in both of them. My heart started beating really fast when I saw that Guess label. My mother got the ones with the buttons on the fly. I remember seeing 2 really cool girls at my sister's church in White Castle(a tiny Louisiana town). One had really amazing Guess jeans that I never saw anywhere ever again. The fly tied up. She had some cool long cardigan on with them. I knew they must have been visiting their grandparents from like New York or something. I'm pretty sure I tried to copy her look for the next 20 years or so.

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