Monday, January 01, 2007

The Good Stuff of 2006

My Boyfriend wanted to do a guest blog-spot because he's too lazy to start his own...

I basically just wanted to go over some shit I was really feeling in 2006.

1. Jeff Koons/Supreme skate deck- Where else can you buy a Jeff Koons piece for under $100.00? First Peter Saville, now Koons? What's next?

2. Keith Haring/Jeremy Scott for Adidas. I'm not a sneaker fag, but I just can't force myself to wear these museum pieces.

3. My Sony 32'' Flat screen. After obsessing for a year, I finally pulled the trigger. With HDTV and HDVR, I am SO ready to get snowed in for a weekend. Football games look INSANE! Go JETS!

4. Brooks Brothers- I suddenly wanted to buy some nice shirts, and became obsessed with Brooks Brothers. They are a little too long, but these things are classics.

5. Lunar Park by Brett Easton Ellis- I slept on the hard back when it came out, but the paperback had me by the nuts from start to finish. Scary and weird. I was having nightmares about Terby.

6. I.D. Magazine- The lifestyle one, not the design one( although thats cool too). I just finished my 5th complete year of not missing an issue. Plenty of back issues as well, but not one missing for 5 years. I keep them all in order and shit, like a good magazine nut should. I still get psyched when I see a new issue on the stand. Sad I know.

7. Factory Records, The Complete Graphic Album- This book is a complete collection of everything Factory Records put out in their too brief history. You talk about putting effort into everything they did, from poster to record sleeve, to club, this shit is outrageous.

8. Arctic Monkeys- I didn't believe the hype either, but when I heard the album, and all the other stuff, I was hooked like a crack head. Wait, maybe this was out in 2005. Either way its bangin innit?

9. 30 Rock- Please God, do not cancel this show. If this goes, while some bullshit with Jim Belushi stays, civilization really is collapsing.

10. Kaws- The Twins and the new Companion. Definite Museum pieces, but only toy heads know what I'm talking about right?

11. Barcelona and Paris- Two places we visited this year, Barca for the first time, Paris for the second. This sounds really cliche, but guess what? We want to go back. Topless beaches in Spain, and wonderfully dreary Parisian afternoons, just relaxin and buggin out all over the city.

12. FTW by Terry Richardson- Another book that Carrie gave me for my birthday. Awesome pictures of kids hangin out in the 80's, all punk rock and stuff. Only 1000 copies out there, and this was not cheap. thanks again.

13. My Grandparents- They died within 24 hours of each other. The funeral director had never seen this happen before in his entire career. Now thats old school love.

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Katie said...

Go Jets? Surely you meant to type Go Saints and you just hit the wrong keys.