Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pretty In Pink

Is anybody else obsessed with that lipcolor in the new Louis Vuitton ads? It's a pink stain of some sort. If anyone knows what it is please let me know! By the way, I finally found that perfect everyday eyeshadow color. You know when people have the most beautiful eyelid color and you can't tell if it's makeup or their naturally blessed shade? Well I've found my shade. It's (gasp) Maybelline Chai Latte. It's a quad and the "lid" color is perfect. I don't usually buy drugstore eyeshadows because they're never the same as they look in the package. But I took a chance on this one. I've been looking for this for at least 2 years now. I've finally resigned to the fact that I don't look my best in those fun shades of aqua that I'm always drawn to, especially with my platinum hair. So I'm always looking for the perfect browns. Something Pamela Ewing might have worn. But for right now I've found that perfect everyday color and I've been lightening up a bit on the warpaint lately. I have to admit I was inspired by the cover and layout of Gwen Stefani in the February Elle. She looks so pretty and much softer than usual.

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