Wednesday, January 17, 2007

White Teeth And All

Okay so make that 28 lipsticks...
I got my teeth whitened yesterday at Vitaldent. I got the new Sapphire technique which is supposed to cut down on sensitivity.
It's amazing! My teeth hurt a little yesterday but are fine today. I highly recommend this place. The $300 promotion won't be lasting too much longer so get over there fast. This price included a checkup which would have cost me $100 anyway. So let's just think of it as a $200 deal. But the cost did not include the take home trays which they really push on you, but I figure I want to keep up this amazing color so I thought what the hell. What's another $100? I am super pleased. I was really nervous about sitting still for an hour with my mouth alll contorted so I did take half a xanax and all was good.
So needless to say, I really needed a new red lipstick to go with my amazing new smile. Vincent Longo Gel-X formula in Coast.
A nice deep red. I haven't worn it yet so I'm not sure how the formala feels. I'll let you know. I also bought the Smashbox primer with the spf and and wrinkle reducers in it. I love the Smashbox primers! They are a little pricey, this one is $42 but they are truly amazing, and one with spf! I'm so excited. Also bought the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. It's a newer formula that is much better than the old Ultra Facial Moisturizer. I feel like this one sinks right in and stays really even. No shiny spots at the end of the day. And it's only $23!

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